Software Download

Download basic version of AnTune software.

AnTune software is updated about once a month. Update can be an upgraded VNA driver, a new calculation routine, new component libraries and much more.
These updated improvements can not be downloaded until basic package is installed. Therefore do this software installation consists of two parts, one installation package containing all drivers and a basic AnTune version.
The second part is a small file that just contains latest updates. After basic part have been installed should newer updates be downloaded automatically, if you have administrator rights. If not, can the exe-file AnTune.exe be downloaded manually and then just replace existing file in AnTune program-directory with this latest version.

Install procedure

  • Start download
  • During full install setup process will you get information about license and terms but it is currently an absolutely free and fully functional software for a limited trial period.
    You will also during install process get a automatic generated license key sent to the mail address that you provide.

    Install problem

    The installation of AnTune require that you have administrator rights for the Microsoft Windows operating system.
    AnTune need internet connection for downloading config files, updating and verifying license.
    Please report any problems related to this software so it can be corrected in future releases.

    About license

    After 30 days will the software license automatic expiree.
    If still interested in this software after that period, contact us for pricing. information for extending license period.
    If you not want to be depending on internet to reach license  server, do we offer USB-based hardware key. For one or more licenses do we also offer floating license with licensing software that customer can run on own server.
    Same software version is compatible with all license versions.

    Software version

    [Download] contains installation of AnTune.exe and all modules including Labview runtime modules revision 0.51, Updated 12:th January 2013.
    Latest upgraded AnTune.exe is now revision 0.9833 and was updated 9:th January 2014 with improved drivers for R&S network analyzers.

    Thanks for your interest.

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